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Wednesday, January 31, 2007/4:58 PM

Wide World of Webcomics
So it has come to my attention that many of you do not know the full delight of the internet.
I know many of you have probably rolled your eyes and said, "Yeah, ok. If they were any good they'd be published" well buddy, trust me it's hard to get published. Or sometimes you just don't want the deadlines which a major company would put on you.
And for that reason I have decided to post links to a few of my favorites that I Check up on weekly. Please, if you have the time stop by and support your local webcomic. ENJOY!
Awesome Storm Justice (what, i can't pimp the comic i work for? lol)
Red String (A sho-jo?? sp?? Manga about a young girl facing an arranged marriage)
Inverloch (like manga art, like elves, like a fun story... you'll like this)
Boy Genius (Spidey as a pre-teen and boarding school roomies with Doc Oc?? Bizzare)
Year One (The Marvel world in kindergarten, LOL... i love it, a few strips hang in my office)

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