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Tuesday, January 30, 2007/8:32 PM

nothing like
going backwards

Ok so I don't know how I ended up on NASA's webpage today, but i did. As a kid i was a HUGE space geek (and still am, if you count my addiction to Battlestar G, Farscape, Firefly and well pretty much ANY sci-fi related film). So obviously i love the space shuttle. It an awesome thing. I look at it and i see that yes, perhaps some day we can actually have a ship like Jon Chriton's or we can put about the known " 'verse" like the settlers in firefly.

But then i saw this....

the Orion spaceship.

This is suppose to be replacing our aging glorious shuttle fleet?


hello, NASA cirac '69... i think we found your luggage.

Don't get me wrong I give my respect to the astronauts that were brave enough to put about outer space in the original charlie the tuna space cans know as the Apollo's. And i have to love them simply because they lent their names to the name of a character on Battlestar (well ok, so did the GOD Apollo for which tey are BOTH named, but you know the original writers were doing a nod to NASA too by naming him such). BUT COME ON! it's 2007 and these things aren't going up for another SEVEN YEARS... and what do you give humanity... Apollo part DEUX??!


Oh it's bigger and roomier, they say. Oh and we can now land on the moon like before and jettison off rather than have someone stay in orbit over the moon to get the astronauts back up... oh come on NASA.

Oh my favorite part (nearly forgot) we're back to the parachute idea. Yeah you read right. PARACHUTE!

We mastered landing our ships like a plane and NOW we're going to go back to a parachute model that... wait, wait for it.... will have shock absorbers!!


And if you think that's special, well look at what they've got planned for the mars mission:

Nice, wonder if they come in black feathers too.

** check out the NEXT post for my rant on what woul have happened had I been at the proposal meeting for NASA's Orion project.

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