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Thursday, January 11, 2007/5:04 PM

Can they arrest you for abusing a computer?

I so want to take my mouse and slap the monitor (luckily this is the work computer). Blogger i love you, and i understand you need to keep the site free and therefore need the banner running across the top of my page, but would it be too much to ask to push my background down a bit so that your banner doesn't cover it?? GARGH!!! &#@$!

Anyway i can't post much today. It's back to school for me. Time for chasing the freshman body and making sure they bother to show to class and do their homework. Right now i'm sitting here with a book on my lap that i should probably be reading so i can teach tomorrow. Eh, so i stay up late tonight and read it in bed. I wouldn't be the first time that i woke up with book ink on my face lol.

I've been getting a LOT of comic work done this week. I can't quite talk about some of it just yet (working on a secret new web project) but once i get the greenlight you better believe i'll be talking up a storm about my upcoming baby. As for my other gig, i'm doing a short script (like 6 pages) for a british website. Basically it's an homage to your kung fu training sequence with the occasional manga flair. I'm really looking forward to working on that one. I meant to get to this week, but my god it's crazy around here.

Ah, it's 5pm. Time to go home, get some eats and kick back to netflix for some much needed downtime. Tonight's pic is "Brazil". I've never seen it (which shocked Jesse to no end, as i'm a huge Monty Python girl and thus adore Terry Gilliam). Hey, i worked at blockbuster for 2 years and i've seen nearly every film out there (i had 5 free rentals a week... i miss that). But they had a limited library. I did what i could with what i had. As it is, I think i got a LOT of customers in Western New York hooked on the beauty that is Japanese Horror. So i figure that makes up for me missing a piece of "cinematic history", that is if Brazil is indeed that. We shall have to see. And with that i'm going to pick up my junk and tromp on out of my office and back to my fleece blanket and couch.

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