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Monday, December 04, 2006/1:35 AM

The weirdness of it all

So this weekend was probably the FIRST weekend in.... oh god.... weeks?.... that I actually felt as though I RELAXED.

Friday I managed to finish the last of the freshman 20 page papers (thank god, ugh) and while I still had a few rewrites to look over I decided, screw this I'm off tonight. So Jesse and I joined friends at Horrigans (a local pub) and had dinner/drinks. Oh what a relief. Lots of laughing, lots of just letting off steam, lots of me just thinking... hmm, this must be how normal folks live, lol!

Later we zipped over to Bryon and Julie's for our weekly sci-fi night (since dating Jesse, I find we've been missing most of Dr. Who and arrive just in time for Battlestar. But we both have seen season 2 of Dr. Who already. Ahem... I mean I didn't see Dr. Who early, I donno what your talking about *cough* lol. I wouldn't mind watching them again on the TV, but I donno we always seem to be doing something with our co-workers that runs late, go figure).

After Battlestar, Bryon put on some documentary with Ewan McGreggor where he records his cross-country(s) trip from England to Russia, to Alaska, to I donno... New York? Anyway at first I thought, hmm this might be boring. But not at all. First off Ewan McGreggor is hilarious. The stuff he says, his facial expressions (well he is an actor, of course he knows how to play to the camera). Best scenario of the series (well what I saw of it)... Ewan and friend are invited by Russian men in very expensive (yet cheesy looking) black leather coats to stay at their home and not in the flea infested hotels. Being nutters, Ewan and his bud agree. Once there suddenly they realize that the guy (who says he's a TV salesman) has the largest house on the block (it's practically a mansion). Hmm.. leather coats, big ass house. Ok... soon after all of these people show up for dinner (since they're having movie stars over they've invited everyone they know). Their host often disappears to go talk on his always ringing cellphone (still Ewan and co think, hmm ok whatever. Mind you Bryon, Julie, Jesse and I were all exclaiming various versions of "get the hell out... go, they're MOB!") Sure enough after dinner the host comes down the stairs with a guitar in one hand and some semi-automatic scary weapon. He sings a song for the cameras (the guy was a ham) Ewan later comments on how the place is full of guns and the guys keep shooting them off in the back yard. Best part is the next morning when he looks in the camera and FINALLY admits that he too suspects they may not be TV salesmen. NERRR DUH EWAN! lol.

Anyway, that was Friday. Saturday was fun. Laying about doing nothing, sleeping late. D called to confirm that Jesse and I were going to SPARKLE with her that night. Apparently the nearby city (well... small tiny city) holds a festival every year where the stores stay open late and they serve food. Often there are crafts (they close off the streets so you can walk on them, rather than the sidewalks). It was very nice, the lights were beautiful and I had fun. However they didn't have much in the way of stuff, I thought. A few food vendors, a couple cheesy crafts, a really cool snowboard demo. But that was it. OH wait and a live nativity and carriage rides (I so wanted to pet a horse, but dammit they were busy working, this made me very sad).

Anyway we (D, Jesse and I) did get some lovely hot cocoa, Jesse and I got our Pizza (oh god that town has some kick ass pizza). I got some cookies from Burger King, which I hoarded lol. We had a fun time wandering about Wegmans laughing at some guy who looked like a reject from Foreigner... the later 80s Foreigner, you know when the didn't know enough to quit while they were behind and wore the horrible tacky sports coats and white blue jeans with cowboy boots and a Jerry-Curl Mullet... *shudder*. I know, we shouldn't have laughed at the guy, and I'm probably going to hell (not that I wasn't already). But dammit, it was hilarious.

Afterwards Jesse and I came back, popped some popcorn, threw in a movie and just chilled. Literally, it was freezing in my apartment last night, the high winds were tearing through her despite my heat (although to be fair I didn't have the heat up too high, I'm trying to save money)

Today Jesse and I decided perhaps we should actually get some work done so he and I went to Barnes and Noble (with a dunkin donuts pitstop... he actually brought his dunkin donuts coffee in to Barnes and sat in the starbucks cafe drinking it LOL!). 3 hours later my papers were pretty much done ( I need to check a grade on one, and contact a student about the other). Jesse had put a pretty good dent into his pile, and I FINALLY finished knitting one of my wrist gauntlets. Yeah, that only took 2 two do-overs lol. Around 6 Jesse goes, "I'm done, lets go look at books, I'll pick up later" so off we went to the comic aisle where we sat around on the floor talking comics and seeing what new stuff had been added to the stacks. I found two spiderman books which I'm going to have to go back and read, as well as two other independent comics that I keep meaning to get to.

Finally Barnes closed (it's 7 on Sundays) and we ran off to get something to eat at Panara Bread. Hell, we sat around there laughing and people watching for an hour or more. Then off we parted. He to finish up the pile of rewrites, I to clean, do some more knitting, color a artswap present for someone (which I'm STILL not done with... grrr) and just be all out lazy while watching Family Guy and American Dad (I find I'm preferring American Dad lately, God that fish is great lol).

Anyway I'm off to bed now, happy that for ONCE I feel as though I actually did something. I actually had a weekend! *shock, HORROR!*

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