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Wednesday, December 20, 2006/10:35 AM

Oh for Godsakes, SIT DOWN!

It has just dawned on me that since turning in my grades Friday, I have not SAT DOWN! Ok, I've slept in (so that counts for something I suppose) but not past 10am. I don't know about anyone else, but I really don't consider that sleeping in. that's more like being allowed to sleep to a natural time of day, IMO.

I'm happy I'm very, very busy. But seriously I am beginning to wonder if I even know HOW to unwind anymore. Even last night at friends, if I wasn't playing soul caliber I was knitting. I multi-task EVERYTHING these days.

It's really sad. I'll check my morning email, while eating my cereal. I listen to books on tape, while getting dressed and doing my hair (what, I'm a writing teacher who doesn't have time to read). I correct papers while I watch TV (how else do you think I get to watch lost and Battlestar?).

I almost NEVER have just one window open on my computer. I'll be writing a story while surfing the net or downloading music. I think I must have some mild form of ADD. I can concentrate, but I need to be hyped up and busy.

There are some who accuse me of being squirmy when laying on the couch. I have to wonder, is it because I'm just laying there and in the back of my mind I'm thinking... crap I should go do the dishes. Oh that pile of laundry needs to be done. When the heck was the last time I cleaned the tub?


I miss the days of me sitting in front of my "My little Pony" Dream Castle and wasting an entire day with my She-ra dolls. Better yet, I miss the teen years of sitting in my cousin Arron's room whipping throwing stars at his dart board (and the day we finally broke it in half!). We would be up there for hours doing absolutely NOTHING and it was great.

Now guilt sets in. I should be doing this... NO YOU SHOULD SIT DOWN!!!

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