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Wednesday, November 29, 2006/12:35 PM

Oh for the love of crap!

apparently we're going to spank our enemies now? Why is it we full out attacked Iraq (which may or may not have done anything) and yet all we're doing to North Korea is taking away their IPODS? Now I'm NOT for another war. But I don't think just saying "you know what? No more games for a week mister!" isn't going to do much at this point.

I'm all for returning to the talks table. I mean there has to be something we can do that doesn't involve stretching our armies to the breaking point. Obviously their leader is a nutjob but I think ignoring the situation (which was our previous plan) was a stupid idea. And the usual mantra of lets go fight them certainly isn't going to work. Nevertheless, taking away their toys? Um that's even MORE retarded. Laughable actually.

I still believe we should do what my friend and I came up with one night. Invite ol' Kimmy to a meeting with Steven Spielberg (or Francis Ford Coppola, yeah that's better since he is said to ADORE the godfather). Have them meet on some neutral territory. They could send him a message that's like, "Hey Kim I'm making a movie and would LUV your input". He'd go running in a heartbeat. His ego couldn't handle that (Kim is a self proclaimed movie fanatic). While he's out we have the CIA stage a Coup (seriously the CIA needs something to do, I'm afraid the boys are getting rusty) and arrest him while he's out.

Simple, sweet and nobody gets hurt.

*sigh* if only the world was as smart as me after 3 shots of wild turkey.

maybe not.

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