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Thursday, November 02, 2006/9:26 PM

More evidence that
I apparently AM a slacker...

Just found out that my love, Maynard, (of Tool and A Perfect Circle fame) has yet a THIRD band!!

Good lord son. Sit down. Kick your shoes off. Take a moment to breathe! I'm bitching about being swamped in freshman papers and longing to work on some story ideas. Meanwhile this madman is building yet another band on the side. Ok, it's just him and one other guy so I guess it could be deemed a solo project but still, come on! What, two amazing bands weren't enough?

Granted, Puscifer (the new band) does indeed rock. They only have 2 songs (lol, so gee I guess he's not too much of a workaholic, what can't be bothered to put an entire album out for your third job there Maynard? lol). Their stuff can be found on the underworld soundtracks (one on each soundtrack).

Just one question. When the hell does this guy sleep? Oh wait, he's probably medicated like every other rocker. Nevermind, in that case sleep is for babies. Er, at least that's what I keep telling myself when I slap myself infront of the mirror each morning.

Oh! Here's a linky to a vid someone did on youtube using Puscifer's The Undertaker. The animation is from the ps2 game: Kingdom Hearts... I believe. It's a very cool looking fight scene, whatever it is.

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