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Tuesday, November 28, 2006/7:23 AM

It's A Wonderful Night
For Eyebrows

LOL. Ok, so decided last night that i was tired of papers and went to Bryon and Julies (with papers in tow, and i did get one done before i left so meh!) for a change of scenary. What do i find, but the TV filled with lovely Dr. Seuss movies (ones i didn't even know existed!). Mind you a few were a bit wonky, um the Dad one ...i donno what the hell the name was something that rhymes with Dad, i'm sure... was awful, but Horton Heard a Hoo and Horton and the Egg ones were great (although Bryon correctly commented that something horrible must have happened to Horton between films as he was a moron by the time he sat on the egg and seemed perfectly normal when hearing hoos. Odd.)

Here's an interesting thing i learned. The grinch not only stole christmas apparently he tried to take on Halloween too. I didn't stick around for that one has i had to crawl my ass out of bed this morning at 5am to do more papers (gag). But i was there long enough to hear my new catchphrase "It is a wonderful night for eyebrows". indeed. They often keep me warm on such nights, Mr. Grinch. You are correct lol. Wow Dr. Suess apparently put crack on his cereal each morning.

Anyway it was a fun night and i did get some papers done (cranked out another 2 before bed). So slowly the pile is decreasing. This morning i came into work WAY early in hopes of poping out a few more before class. I did stop by youtube curious as to whether or not my favorite weezer video had returned (it comes and goes. They bust the person for copyright and a week later its back up. Really boys just let it go, it's a music video, not gone with the wind, if anything you're making money by having more folk see it, like it and go out and BUY the cd... correct me if i'm wrong but isn't that the POINT of a music video? And trust me once they're a year old mtv never plays them again).

Anyway i found it. So here you are julie. Our favorite weezer vid! Enjoy!

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