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Sunday, November 19, 2006/2:19 PM

It never ceases to amaze me...

- that occasionally I'm not the patient person that I think I am. Last night I wanted to strangle the person in front of me at Hollywood video so much that when I saw them at Tops grocery store, ten minutes later I actually groaned.

- that when you're looking for stuff to buy and you have money you can't find anything and yet when your killing time in the shops, suddenly everything is leaping off the walls at you going "BUY ME DAMMIT!" and you have to walk away going, Dad was right, I should have gone into computers like Bill Gates.

- that just when you think maybe the neighbors have learned to join the human race, they let out a blood curling scream and smash enough stuff to make Linda Blair proud

- that just when you think you're secure with yourself and have good self esteem, it takes less than two seconds for someone else to suck it away from you and make you want to run off and cry.

- that the papers seem done, but more just keep coming.

- that apparently I've lost the ability to have a lazy Sunday. I just can't sit still to do it anymore. Very sad. I used to love those days. Now I feel like I should be doing something. nuts.

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