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Wednesday, November 01, 2006/3:13 PM


Once more into the breach... i donned my little Lara Croft outfit and struck out into the night that is... the halloween!

God i love this holiday. And i have absolutely no reason to. My grandfather died exactly twenty years ago yesterday. A sad moment (and one until five second ago i didn't realize... damnit! Should have lit a candle. I'll have to do so tonight). He is my hero. Always will be. I keep wishing i could be more like him. Everyone says he'd do ANYTHING for you. That there wasn't a more giving man out there. I want to be that way. I keep trying, but damn it that selfish only child doesn't come out to play now and again (often when i'm tired lol). Now granted i have to remind myself that I am looking at him from a nine year old's pedestal perspective. What's worse is that for a long time it seemed that halloween was cursed for me. But anyway, to try and pull this post out of the horrible downer tailspin, lets wrap this up by saying that i know 100% that my grandfather would not want me to associate this holiday with saddness (it was his favorite holiday). And despite the bummer halloweens it continued to me mine. ALSO i'm happy to say that this year (like last year) somehow evaded "the curse of halloween!!! muuu waaa haa haa!" Thank god.

So what did i do on my holiday? Oh lots of fun stuff. Dressed up, gave kids candy (don't get me started on how i think today's children are ungrateful little brats, i adore children but last night... phew). We went to a free haunted house (well actually you had to donate 2 canned food items) and um... it was ok. I had more fun laughing at Stine, Sarah and D scream like girls then push me to the front of the line going "you go first!". Personally i jumped once. Because the guy jumped out at me. But i didn't scream lol. Made me kinda sad actually. Everytime i participated in haunted houses (i created 5 of them in a row for my church between 8-12th grade, apparently our Reverend believed i had some talent for it lol). You better believe i ALWAYS had our workers positioned so they were jumping out at folks left and right. Ah well, it was cute nonetheless (the 2 hour wait... not so cute).

Later we met up with Jesse and rambled off to Denny's to enjoy conversation and bad food. All in all not a horrible Halloween. Our actual party party was a lot of fun (but i've already discussed that). So i think i can say yet another halloween passed which did not succumb to the curse of halloween (from about 1986-2000 my halloweens have been kinda sucky). Hopefully this will be a sign that we're over that rough patch now lol. YAY HALLOWEEN!

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