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Wednesday, November 08, 2006/8:23 AM

Can't we just play nice?

Oh for the love of crap.

I wake up this morning figuring, ah now I'll go see who is in charge of my country. Did the republicans hold on by their fingernails or have the democrats drop kicked them into next week simply because we as a people are vindictive and are sick of the republican's BS and have no better choice?

Did I get my answer


Okay... well sorta no. We apparently booted them out of the house (a fact that I am ashamed to be a bit gleefull over). I'm not a republican, but I don't have anything against republican's really. My father is a Republican (although I think he himself is wondering why these days). But with that said lately as an independent I've been kinda going, stupid Republicans, you're evil and you suck. Which is wrong of me. ANYWAY what I'm trying to say is... Republicans: not all THAT bad. Hell you shouldn't generalize folks anyway. BUT it is annoying to see that every time they get into power crap goes down and when they DON'T have power boy do certain scheming members work hard to make it go down for the other guy.

Don't get me wrong, the Democratic party. SAME FRICKEN THING. Honestly, anymore I don't see a separation between the two. One group says they are here to support our rights and have very conservative viewpoints. They want the good old days (don't get me started on how that NEVER existed. That's a rant that could span AGES). They want to protect us and yadda yadda, "stay the course" blah blah blah. The OTHER says they're here to help us have jobs (while they secretly do deals to outsource stuff, nice), get our economy going and educate our kids (actually they BOTH claim that, but I'm a firm believer that that's never going to happen, speaking AS an educator).

But you have to work with what you got. And right now we've got a lot of angry Americans. Hell, I'm one of them. My cousin went to Iraq, a good friend of mine went there as well. Do I want to see them go back, HELL NO. Do I think switching the house might do something about it??

Well in all honesty, no. But not doing anything sure isn't getting us anywhere. Do I think we can just pick up and leave Iraq. No. Do I even have a plan to get us out. *sigh*No. It's a mess and I donno, maybe if we get some new folks in there, democrat OR republican (hey some newbie republicans won last night too), maybe they'll have some fresh ideas. That's all I, as a citizen, can do.

Perhaps that's just a naive little hope from a gal who still thinks Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is the best goddamn political film ever (we'll ignore my sick infatuation for young Jimmy Stewart for now). (btw watched Legally blonde 2 this weekend with Julie... sweet lord save yourself that nightmare. Rent Mr. Smith... That's what the stupid film was trying to rip off and frankly Jimmy does it MUCH MUCH better. Plus think of all the glee you get from doing Jimmy Stewert impressions the rest of the night... "BA BA BA BUT Ma wee!" rofl!)

Good grief I'm off again... ANYWAY, I wake up and I find this on the news: THE SENATE STILL UP FOR GRABS. MASSO DEMANDING RECOUNT and suddenly I just want to cry.

Come on guys. Let it go. Lets get a new regime and pick up and try again. Is it so wrong that I want to hold my head high again and say, dammit I'm an American? (um without the arrogance that leads to Europeans wanting to slap me, mind you lol).

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