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Friday, October 13, 2006/10:20 PM

Wild crap said or
overhead this week:
a.k.a: God I love midterms

- "you know how BIG boobs would be on that thing?" Bryon talking about the size of the big screen tv thursday night.

- "I don't know how long it takes a transvesite to boil, but i think he's done" Paupawa Island (a bizzare anime)

- "Well you know the window is wide open... i'm just saying." One of my students commenting on another student's claim that they "have had enough" and the fact that we're on the 3rd floor.

- "That's it, i'm going to club a seal" one of my co-workers utterance after finding yet another piece of plagerism on a mid term paper.

- "I'm sorry but it didn't make me errect" myself tonight slurring my words out of exhaustion. Meant to say "react" decided at that point perhaps i should go home to bed.

- "It's gonna be great, kids having mittens sewn to their hands then ripped off, sisters sleeping with brothers, beheadings, people jumping through fire, you'll love it" Again me talking to a student (sarcastically mind you) about our upcoming reading of Norse Mythology. Although i have to admit i do like the saga of the volsungs.

- "cite it anyway" again me. Geez i'm just rocking out on this quote round up. Tried to express to a student that when in doubt it's better to cite than not cite and get hit with a plagerism accusation.

- "So its not really cheating, it's more like having sex with one of your farm animals" one of my students on how Agamemmnon's wife overreacted to his bring Cassandra home from Troy as a "mistress"/slave, thus adding another reason to why (the wife) killed him.

- "He won't be joining us today, i saw him yesterday and whatever they have him on apparently is very good since he confessed his love for me" One of my students on her classmate's sudden attack of the flu (or strep, who knows they're little disease factories)

- "Go, i'm releasing you" coworker to one of his students in his office
"Your releasing her?" me
"Yes i've tagged her and now i'm letting her go" coworker
"Uhhhh-" me
"Whoa... that came out wrong" coworker
"Yeah, i'd say so." me

- "The squirels are merry, ielle. VERY Merry. " coworker and "OFFICE SPACE" addict. Mind you we were in her office and a rather exasperating student had just left her.

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