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Sunday, October 22, 2006/2:35 PM

Who Needs a Masseuse When You Have a Car?

on my way back home today I turned on the radio (as I have no tape player or cd player in my car. It broke within the first week of owning her and I didn't buy her off a dealer so screw having that under a warranty). Usually I'm trapped with the crappiest crap our craptastic hickland area can muster. It's either wanna be gangster rap OR yet another power hour of Wings (which ok, live and let die and band on the run I'm ok with, but THAT's IT).

Happily I was greeted with something better.

George Thurgood. Oh yeah... "Who do you Love" was blaring out as I coasted around the backhills, over the dips and curves. I could totally feel all the tension draining from my neck and upper back. Even my arms felt lighter.

By the time I made it back into town I had been serenaded by George, Stone Temple Pilots (dead and bloated), and the Beatles singing "revolution". I now feel GREAT!

I think I might even been in the mood to write now. Ah... somedays things its the little things that really help. :)

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