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Monday, October 30, 2006/12:27 AM

Well, at least the popcorn was tasty

FINALLY got around to renting Silent Hill tonight. I'm a huge fan of the 1st

playstation game (I only have a ps1 so I've yet to even SEE Silent Hill's many many sequels, let alone play them). I have to say other than perhaps resident evil 1 (which was the VERY first ps1 game I played) I have yet to as terrified as I was when going through the levels of Silent Hill 1.

I'm a horror junky (as many of my friends will attest). I have been since the age of 8 when my older cousin Michelle exposed me to Nightmare on Elm Street 3 (an incident that "pleased" my mother, I can assure you). Anyway after the nightmares that ensued from that wore off, I found myself hooked. Particularly on Zombie films. Maybe your new to my blog. Or maybe you've just been in a vacuum and not heard me rant on and on about how zombie films rock. So of course when I read the back of the Silent Hill game and saw a picture of something that looked horribly mutated staggering out of the dark, I was hooked.

Now it's hard to scare me anymore. Hollywood as me SO desensitized to stuff. I guess I never really noticed until I began to hang out with my current group of friends. Stine, Julie (and occasionally D) jump at things that just make me go huh... how the hell do you do that? I actually forgot (well perhaps not forgot but put out of mind, didn't notice... didn't realize perhaps?) how horrible the tongue scene of Oldboy was and exposed poor Julie to it (who is very very anti-that sort of thing in films). I feel bad about that, sorry Jules. I honestly just don't notice the stuff. I'm 100% certain that had I seen that scene in real-life I would have been screaming and running out of the room with you. But somehow with it separated from me and placed on a screen I tend to stare and wince and go "that's gross". Other times I laugh while saying "ewww!". Anyway, I've gotten way off here, my point was it's hard for me to be frightened and so I find that if I want to scare myself I need no lights, a blanket, popcorn, a stuff animal, pillow (couch optional, but preferred) AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: I must be alone.

Yet this failed to work tonight. What a disappointment. I knew going into watching Silent Hill that it sucked. I had been warned by other fans of the game (oh yeah I played that alone in the dark too lol... once screamed so loud and threw my controller across the room that my Mother poked her head in to see if I was ok... this was back when I still lived at home). But nope, no doing. This film just blew.

Sean Bean, I love you but your entire part was useless. Mind you, not as useless as it was in Ronin (I'm STILL trying to figure out the point of him showing up in that film, other than making me happy to see him) but still... he did squat in this film (although I did like his last scene, very touching). The chick Rahda? Randa? Whatever, the girl who plays Fry in Pitch Black (a far superior film) did ok.

She's frightenly similar to the girl in the 2nd or 3rd Silent Hill sequel. But again, if you give your actors crap dialogue they will give you a crap performance.

I guess they took the plots of the numerous sequels and meshed them together (mostly taking from the first game) but even THAT couldn't save this. Speaking of trying to pull the film out of the gutter they bring in the "Borg Queen" Alice Krige who is always good at creepy cult stereotype. But nope, once again flat on her face.

I didn't jump once.

I didn't squeeze my stuff animal in a desperate attempt for comfort

I didn't hide behind my blanket.

I did enjoy the popcorn that I bought at Hollywood video. very buttery and yummy. Ended up having to get up and wash my hands they were THAT covered in butter. Ah well. Guess that's something.

On a brighter note I have watched one film recently that made me want to rush out and buy it. The Prestige staring Hugh Jackman (stop groaning, I didn't go JUST cuz he's in it. It was a total bonus lol) Christian Bale and Michael Caine (LUV Mikey!).

I went in hoping I'd at least enjoy it and if nothing else I'd get to watch Jackman and came out wanting more. The trailer was what sucked me in. To be honest when I first caught the trailer on line I only clicked on it because of the name. Once I saw Jackman was in it I sat up in my seat. By the end of the trailer I thought, well that's a keeper. And I'm happy to report after going to the theater to view it... oh yeah. It certainly is. Sadly I'll have to wait until probably January or February for it to come out on DVD. Ah nuts. Oh well, it's worth the wait. Luckily I found out today while searching amazon.com for the graphic novel of The Fountain, that The Prestige was a book originally. You better believe I'll be hunting that down for some winter reading.

Finally tonight just a quick thank you to Julie and Bryon for offering their apartment up for our holiday party. I donno about everyone else but I had fun. First off it's just fun to dress up (special thanks to Julie for the usage of her boots and other articles of clothing to help me complete my tomb raider costume). I think drank one more drink that I needed to. But luckily it was NOT a repeat of the St. Patrick's Day massacre of 2006. By four am (or was it 3... stupid time change) I was find to hop in my car and drive back to a warm comfy bed. Had I stayed I fear I would have been sleeping on Bryon's workout bench (which was what I was semi stretched out across as I was sobering up watching music videos lol). Something tells me I would have fallen off and killed myself had I tried that. lol. Sorry Julie for not helping to clean up (especially after I strung all that webbing everywhere). Oh also, somehow I still have the money for the pizza, so I'll give that too ya next time I'm over (that is if I'm allowed back. lol hopefully I wasn't to annoying of a drinker).

Everyone looked really cool. Stine came as Jareth (David Bowie in Labyrinth) that was hilarious, she even stuffed 2 socked down her pants just to get the look right. If you've never seen the movie or forgotten, well lets just say Bowie is very well endowed and apparently breeches really show that off. eep!

Sarah came as a pretty fairy. She had attached some beautiful leaves to a gorgeous green dress she already owned. Later while sitting on the couch she discovered that she had left the pin in one (that had to be comfortable!).

Julie was an anime witch and rocked the house with her blue wig and matching tool (or was that some other fabric under that black dress). She also had some super cool striped stockings. I may need to go to hot topic and pick myself up a pair of those lol.

D was witch hunter Robin. Now while I'm unfamiliar with that anime, I have to say the outfit rocked! Looked really warm (and must have been for she was one of the first to shed her outfit and go back to regular clothes throughout the course of the night) but it was really cool.

Bryon donned a kid's mask and became snakeyes of GI Joe fame. He went around there rest of the night tossing throwing stars at all of us and smacking folks with his sword/night stick.

Finally Jesse showed up not in costume. However Julie being the psychic that she is had gone out and picked up a silly bunny costume. Being the good sport that he is, he quickly put on the ears, the tail and the silly frilly bow tie and cuffs. With the punisher T-shirt and Jeans he had on he looked like a punisher chip n dale bunny. Probably the best costume of the night in the respect of hilariousness. Oddly enough throughout the night various folks were wearing those bunny ears (but for the most part he kept them on). Way to be a good sport, Jesse!

Hmm have I missed anyone? Nope guess not. Anyway I had fun and I hope everyone else did too. Although might I warn folks. If you're going to mix vodka with lemonade don't drink chocolate milk a few minutes later. I didn't get sick, but the second I swallowed I thought, hmm that was a mistake. lol.

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