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Thursday, October 26, 2006/6:30 PM

There I was minding my own business when...

I find an article in the news online about how Pompeii's brothel has reopened.


Call me crazy but my first reaction was, we're running a brothel in Pompeii? Is tourism that bad? lol.

Actually what they meant was that they had finished restoring the brothel in the ruins of Pompeii and it was open to tourists. Not customers lol. But I loved that headline, cracked me up.

Mind you not as much as this picture which I found within the article. I mean look at these guys. They're just so excited to be there. lol. "WOW I found however-many-thousand-year-old PORN! EXCELLENT!"

Ah a proud moment indeed *snicker*.

On an even funnier note I also looked at these pictures they seem so excited about and frankly you can't see anything so I guess it's left to their imaginations. Which in some cases (at least for these guys it seems) is probably better than real porn.

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