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Monday, October 30, 2006/10:40 PM

Putting the DEVIANT back in Deviant Art

Found these two pics on DeviantArt today and promptly laughed my ass off.


I have no ass. I am currently sitting on my knees. ;)

ok, but really I officially love these pics. First fits me so well. Get rid of the glasses and yes I can totally see that picture being of me and my reaction if that creepy ass burger king woke me up in the morning. Picture by Mastafuu.

the second is from Queensimia and is based on the popular PS2 game, Jak and Dax. I have yet to see it but I've heard it's quite good. Frankly that doesn't matter to me, the look on Jak's face as he's trying to pry Dax off him... pure fried gold! lol

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