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Tuesday, October 03, 2006/12:25 PM


So apparently I am no longer an apple hater (didn't know I was an apple hater... HA, well I am). For many many years now (um since toddlerhood) I have found apples to be flavorless and the texture to be annoying. So this weekend my friends (I love my friends, hello friends!!) decided enough was enough and dragged me off to an orchard.

Oh fine. That's a lie. But it sounds cooler.

Actually D wanted to do something autumn-y (yes I just invented that word, SUE ME) and apparently that meant picking apples. I came along for two reasons: one, it sounded fun and two, there was promise of donuts (oh god and they were GLORIOUS donuts).

While there we ran across an apple called MUTSU. A Japanese type which tastes like sour apple. Now it is no secret that I LOVE sour apple flavor. I will chew my jaw sore on sour apple gum. I have gone mad for Julie's Sour Apple Jolly Rancher like candies from her trip to Japan. So this was HEAVEN. Yes I have found an apple I'll eat. It's a Christmas miracle (um a tad early mind you).

Anyway afterwards we all went off to visit a lovely covered bridge (which I ran up and down like a maniac 3 year old. I've never been on a covered bridge so I was enjoying the old time funness... Hell if I'm making up words I might has well go crazy, eh?). Of course we took pictures while there and generally had a fun time. Later we topped the night off with a rare (but well appreciated, at least by me) trip to Papa John's Pizza. Oh, that truly is the nector of the Gods!
And of course anime night.... which D had to kick me twice to keep me awake (good lord woman I had been up since 7am, taught 2 classes, went to a on-campus fair, picked apples, ran up and down a bridge and stuffed my gullet with perfect pizza... and you expect me to NOT close my eyes?? BAH! lol).

Anyway, I had a blast. We need more weekends like that. Really, just a great time :)

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