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Friday, October 20, 2006/4:47 PM

here we go loop d loop

Off i go to Bryon and Julie's for Dr. Who/Battlestar G night. We're actually having a speghetti dinner first, so that should be fun!

I'm totally welcoming the love of friends tonight (er that sounds awful lol). Work was long and annoying today. Little things just edging my nerves, so i'm ready to just relax on the couch and chat with Julie and Bryon. They crack me up.

As for the weekend, i donno what i'm doing (other than grading). I think we're FINALLY going to go see the prestige, so hopefully it will be good. That's about it though.

God i'm boring. Perhaps I need to get a boyfriend. Then at least i can be boring WITH someone. lol.

SPEAKING OF WHICH! apparently i've lost my touch, i now officially SUCK at soul calibur. I'm so sad. That was my GAME! i donno why i've become terrible. It's not like i suddenly got a life and therefore haven't been gaming. Okay, well i havent been gaming, but i donno why.

Ah well, maybe we'll play tonight and suddenly it will all come back to me.

well i better get going, or i'll be late for dinner.

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