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Tuesday, October 03, 2006/10:35 AM


So Marvel and Whoever-the-hell is producing this finally got their asses together and announced today that the Iron Man Movie is getting off the ground! YAY!

Soooo excited. As many of you know I'm a recent disciple of Tony Stark (um... that sounds bad, sounds like I'm a drunkard lol... eh, ah well)

Anyway John Faveraeu is directing (Made/Swingers) which should be interesting. But I like his films thus far. So we'll see. HOPEFULLY this will not go down the elektra, daredevil road (bleh, bleh, puke).

I think I'm mostly intrigued by the choice for Tony, my alcohol loving, playboy genius is none other than....

...Robert Downey Jr.??

Um, I guess I can see that. I mean he is an ex...er recovering... or rebounding... addict. And the man CAN ACT HIS ASS OFF! I do adore Robert. There are few Downey films that I do not like. Sooo lets just hope this continues.

With that said, I find that since the announcement the idea has been growing on me. He's a good choice and it's about time the man made a comeback (he claims he "sober" lol... I wonder, but I hope so). I have to say he is one of the few movie star druggies who I actually feel bad for. He never had a chance to be a well adjusted individual. His father and his father's rich friends thought it was cute to let the 8 year old get high. How can you have a chance when that happens? However I do shake my head at him not getting off them sooner, but ah well. It's not my place to judge. Just glad he's off them now and rip raring to take on my newest (well semi-newest) comic book love.

Also hope they use the Ultimates story line for Iron Man, but that's just cuz its the one I'm the most familiar with lol. Either way this is going to be a fun one to COUNTDOWN to. :)

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