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Friday, October 20, 2006/11:23 PM

clean slate

Sooo happy to be going to bed (on my way now, but I figured I'd kill some time here while I wait for a cd to burn so I can play it in my stereo tonight, love music to sleep to).

Today (Friday) sucked so bad that I won't even begin to go into it (some of it I can't go into). Lets just say, it was a wash out.

However since Mom is always harping at me about how I should look at the positive things rather than the negatives here's a list of what went right today:

- wasn't attacked by a herd of charging rhinos

- wasn't hit by lighting (it's only a matter of time, I'm sure)

- got to watch dr. who (whooo david tennant how I love thee)

- got to watch Battlestar G (such a great show)

- had breadsticks (ahhh a little slice of heaven)

- only spent 4 dollars (nice! retirement here I come!)

- got to wear my "nice ass" comfy jeans

- got to play with julie's kitty kats.

- made tenative plans w/ friends to go watch THE PRESTIGE

- Laughed at a South Park clip

- Had a lively argument (not angry argument) with Bryon about the origins of the human race on Battlestar G

- played soul caliber and actually WON again

- laughed my ass off at my SC character slip sliding on the watery fighting platform then falling to her death.

- Laughed at the strange "hot potato" game we found on one of the boards for SC

So, when you look at it from that perspective, it wasn't that bad of a night anyway. I"m just going to try to block out the overworked students, my own exhaustion, angry artists, stupid guys who ignore me and all the other crap that dragged me down earlier.

It's midnight.

It's Saturday.

Clean Slate.

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