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Friday, October 13, 2006/9:37 PM

Chinese Anyone?

OMG... i am sooooooo happy.
this has been the best friday in a while and well... absolutely nothing of consequence happened! Thus probably why i enjoyed it so.

First most of my students stood me up today at work (i know your thinking, how does this make you happy, actually it was aggravating, but i got a lot done).

Then i get home and had a lovely talk about absolutely nothing with one of my uggabugga bubs. Nothing like a chat about bacon and big hair bands and mythbusters (had to be there) Ama, you rock lol.

Finally Julie and Bryon give me a ring to invite me over to the house they're sitting (actually to be accurate they are DOG sitting, not house sitting) where there is a HUGE TV w/ surround sound. It was Soul Caliber III/Dr. Who/Battlestar G night and it was glorious.

To top it all off there was Chinese food!! Cashews, rice and chicken in some sweet sauce. OH and ice cream that tasted like reese peanut butter cups. Okay so it kinda knocked me off my "eatting healthy" kick, but i don't care. I'M HAPPY!... and i ate healthy at lunch so it wasn't like I was a pig all day lol.

Ah well, i'll just walk it off tomorrow as Julie and Stine and possibly D (D if you're reading this your invited we're meeting at Julie's a 9:30am!) are going to an estate sale in a nearby town. Can't wait. I have no money so i'll be wandering about going huh... that's nice. Hmm wouldn't that look cool in my apartment, ah well lol. It's ok though, because if i find myself becoming sad i'll just say "the money is going to see Jackman... the money is going to see Jackman" and it will all be okay.

Ah yes... Jackman update... Hugh will be in The Prestige in um..2 weeks? Best of all Michael Caine is in it too!! OHHHH yeah! Nobody plays pissed of Brit better than Michael. I keep wishing for a day when i'll get to use his line from the italian job "Yew were only supost ta blow the bloody dors off!" (after the guy totally takes out an entire armored car) BRILLIANT! Nobody can deliver that like mikey. oh yeah and batman Christian Bale is in it as well. Again not hard on my eyes so no complaints there.

Also saving money for The Fountain (Nov 22) . Jackman and the one woman i WISH i was a clone of... Rachel Weisz. lol... must be nice to look like her. Although someone once said i did, but yeah that was a snow job if i've ever heard one lol. We're both brunette, we're both around the same height (she's a tad taller) end of comparison lol. NO idea what her size is, but i figure it has to be at LEAST a 4. Most hollywood gals are. I don't think i've been a four since 7th grade (nor do i wish to be, i'd look like i'd "just wandered out of Auzhwitz" and Bridget's mother would say) . Lets double that number... well okay add 3. At least she looks like she has a figure though and boobs. And a brain... very rare indeed in hollywood these days lol. Anyway the film looks great. Can't wait.

well i best be off to bed. Got an early wake up call (well earlier than i had planned. Julie has a much much earlier one than I as she'll be taking Bryon to guard this weekend and the poor guy has to be there at 6:45 AM!! Yikes!). Think i'll read some warren ellis before bed just to round out my happy relaxing night of doing absolutely nothing lol. :)

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