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Wednesday, September 20, 2006/7:26 AM

Why you don't leave me Home Alone.

Had the night off last night. Found myself bored while waiting for the laundry. Usually i don't make AMVs (i have 2 in my repretoire.. sp?) i donno why but i just felt like messing about on adobe premire. So here it is. My AMV of Eureka Seven (no it does not ruin anything for ANYONE, I resequenced the shots so that it tells a story that didn't really happen in the show... well sorta... doesn't matter. ANYWAY!...ALL may enjoy) *quick note all my stuff matched the music flawlessly... then i uploaded it to youtube... fricken youtube. It's all off a hair now. Ah well.

music: Portishead featuring Natalie Imbruglia "Leave Me Alone"
Animation: Eureka Seven

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