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Friday, September 29, 2006/9:30 AM


So i normally don't put dream crap up on my blog. I find it kind of silly. However, wow what the hell was going on in my brain last night. lol! I woke up thinking Jesus, no more anime, rice and speghetti sauce and students papers after 10pm, thank you. phew.

so basically I had a dream that i had been stabbed in heart. Run right through. I think i was stabbed elsewhere, but that was the most noticable. Apparently from what i remember i was on a team of somesort and somehow ended up getting wounded somehow (don't remember clearly how it happened) and they had to rush me off to get patched up. Mind you all i got were some pretty little stitches. Right in the middle of my chest (damn there goes wearing low cut anything lol). But apparently i was bed ridden becuase of it. So my friends often took turns coming to sit with me while i healed (in some shack of a house out in the middle of nowhere, i think we were in some underground resistence group or something i donno). And here is my favorite part, apparently i was dating some guy that had a very Bigby Wolf vibe to him. It wasn't that he was able to turn into a wolf or something, but there was this huge macho protective vibe, that's all i really remember. That and him coming back from missions all screwed up and us having to patch him up, but he was fine and i was STILL STUCK IN BED! lol.

And then somewhere in there the dream switches and I'm hanging out with Huck Finn who has been adopted by our resistance family and he doesn't like other people, but he'll hang out with me and keeps asking me stuff about my scar (which hurts constantly, i remember it was really sore... odd, eh?). Everytime anyone comes in to talk to me, he would hide under my bed but everyone knew he was there. I donno, all very odd lol.

Oh, my actual parents were in it. My mother kept trying to feed everyone and my father was constantly building chairs ROFL!!

Hmm in the end i think someone was trying to attack me and stab me again. But then my alarm woke me up. However for the first few minutes of being awake i was like, crap that scar isn't going to work with the shirt i wanted to wear today and i actually looked down to see how bad it was ROFL!! Ah my mind, insane... lol.

I DARE you to make sense out of this dream LOL.

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