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Monday, September 18, 2006/12:19 AM

LIFE imitating Life?

Went to Stine's house tonight to hang with the gang and someone decided to break out that old time favorite: LIFE. Oh god, the memories of playing that with my cousin Arron back in the day. lol

ANYWAY... apparently I am now married to a professional sky diver named Sven who is from Germany and we have one daughter named Eureka (pronounced Air Reek Ka). Julie is now a doctor and married to a photographer from national geographic. They have a litter. Seriously. She had at least 4 boys and a girl (we ended up piling the last extra kid onto of the roof racks of the car. Likewise Bryon married a very fertile woman and ended up with two sons. He was a poor school teacher and in serious debt. Out of her deep old love for Bryon, Julie hired him to tutor her litter and paid off his bills. Stine married her chauffeur "Jeeves" who looked and dressed like Clive Owen in the BMW Driver's ads. I think she ended up with a son eventually and her friend Justin remained barren with a child bride who was the daughter of a preacher man (I jokingly referred to her as the Mormon child bride, but was quickly corrected. Apparently she was episocpalian.. who knew).

All I'm gonna say to wrap this up is... what the hell was in those oreos we were eating? ROFL!

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