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Monday, September 04, 2006/8:37 AM

Happy birthday to me... Happy birthday to me!

What i have to sing to myself. I live alone and my friends and family are at work (probably reading this). BAh... i hate weekday birthdays. Okay, so its labor day, but everyone is busy and i have to teach tonight so i have to correct a bazillion papers and look up info on Jane Austen. *le sigh*... not very birthday-taskic.

But it's 29 so i suppose that's how its suppose to be now. Gone are the days of getting up on my b-day and running out into the kitchen to find that it's my special day and that my Mum has worked herself into the ground to make it so. Hell my parents haven't even called yet. Mind you it's 9am and i think she thinks i have class right now. Watch them call during my night class (note to self turn off cellphone during class).

So what did i get for my b-day. I donno. I shall report back tomorrow night as i haven't really opened anything yet and my friends are tossing me a party Tuesday Night (i think) so i donno if they bought me stuff or not (you guys really didn't need to but thanks if you did :) ). I do know that my parents bought me a ton of clothes (yay clothes). lol, god i remember the days when i would look at clothes and be pissed.

"Clothes... you got me clothes?? B-but... i wanted a thundercat *sniff, sniff*"

"But honey look it has a cute little cat"

"Not a thundercat"

"oh dear... better go get the ice cream"


Wow, i was a bitch! lol. hmm.. never did get that thundercat. *sniff,sniff*. Think i got a ton of barbies that year and a breyer horse so that slightly made up for it lol. Still... i really liked Wilykat and Wilykit, lol!

Anyway those days have passed now my response is much more appealing.

"So what would like to do?"

"Um... go to the mall?"


"... shop?"

"For what?"

"I donno, i'll know it when i see it."

Anyway... that's it for Birthday Theater... come back next year when you'll hear me say "BAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I"M THIRTY!!!!" *faint*

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