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Saturday, September 16, 2006/2:43 PM


found this today while on topcomic voting for the webcomic i write for (is that cheating?? lol I mean i am a fan and i read it too lol)

For those of you who may not be marvel-ites the characters are Reed Richards (i think) of the fantastic four (the rubber stretch guy), spiderman, deadpool... and um... well i have no idea... anyone? Anyone? (Is it Antman? Dr. Henry Pym?). Deadpool is the one that looks like he as a casper the friendly ghost tail on his hood. Or as i like to refer to it the costume that looks like he took a hoodie out of the closet and sewed the front up, tossed in some eye holes, a peace sign and grabbed a BIG FRIGGEN GUN (or at least multiple guns... ah deadpool you look cool. I should read you sometime).

if you can't read this, click on the pic.

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