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Tuesday, September 12, 2006/9:27 PM

Ahhhh Five minutes to Myself!

Good grief. I feel like a monkey put THROUGH the organ grinder. All I have been doing for the past week is running, running, running. Not that I'm whole heartedly complaining. No no no. I'm mildly complaining as in phew... someone give me a mini break then I swear I promise I'll jump up off my ass and get going again.

papers, papers papers. It's funny how after only 3 months off (which didn't really feel like much of an off since I spent that time running after 10 year olds) I am so rusty at correcting papers again. I'm finding it hard to concentrate, but I'm getting better. I think it's just because we've been loading the freshmen with so much, it's even starting to overwhelm me! But I vow to beat it, and I'm sure by Saturday I'll be a much happier Ielle (not that I'm at all unhappy now, actually just the opposite).

I finally have a anime series of my own (well sorta)! YAY! What I mean by this is well D has Helsing (and a few others) which only she truly adores. Julie and Bryon have Naruto (which apparently they've become addicted to lol) and now I, Ielle, Have my very own too! (okay mind you Julie said Bryon had just begun watching it on Adult Swim, but I don't count him. He watches ALL the anime on Adult swim... then again it could be his favorite too... I won't begrudge anyone from loving this show) But for once I didn't watch an anime because it was someone's favorite and they were hoping I'd like it too (again not that there's anything wrong with that). No, instead we were just up REALLY REALLY late at Julie and Bryon's this weekend (he had taken off for guard training so it was a girl's night) and somehow this show called EUREKA SEVEN comes on the screen and we didn't change the channel. Julie goes, oh bryon's watching this now. But she didn't say one way or another if it was good. Well by the time the credit rolled I was HOOKED.

Mind you I don't hate anime. Far from it, but I'm not an addict. I'm kinda picky (and often the darker the better, I'm not a kittens and whiskers kinda a gal... okay not without a lot of candy in my bloodstream first anyway) so of course I've embraced the basics: Space Cowboy, Samurai Champloo (which is hit and miss for me. Some days I like it, other days I'm like.. eh I don't feel like watching it today... um that's why I'm still holding your dvds hostage Julie... sorry. I promise I'll get them back to you asap). But rarely do I get to the point where I'm like... OMGOSH I MUST WATCH THIS SHOW NOW!

I was with Cowboy Beebop (once watched 2 dvds back to back then realized that perhaps I should go to bed as it was 4am lol). And now it seems Eureka Seven has pulled me in as well. When it first came on and Julie said, oh it's a Mecha (think non thinking transformers/voltron for those of you non-anime fans) anime, I thought... oh christ this isn't going to be my thing.

Three minutes... That was all it took.

I was sucked in. The storyline, the characters. There just seemed to be more to it than a show about giant robots on surfboards (best not to ask). I'm really looking forward to watching this show. Hopefully it won't disappoint. I'm about 6 episodes in and so far it's flawless. I have 44 more to go (good god, well at least it isn't 200 + like Naruto. Julie I don't know how you do it. I'd have killed myself by now after watching that much ninja action.. .mind you kakashi... he's a hot man, well for a cartoon anyway).

Eureka has it all though, romance, mystery, (um giant flying robots? lol). Government conspiracies... hee hee hee! I'm in heaven! And the character, Holland, is quickly becoming my fav. Julie he's not the asshole that episode we watched plays him out to be. He really is a good guy, just very very stressed out. Too much time in the military and a bunch of guilt built up over something that I haven't learned yet. I"m telling you, this anime is COMPLEX.

Anyway, so that's one of the things I've been up to.


The b-day went well. Got way more than I needed, but I thank you all. Julie I'm still hemming and hawing over what to do to that shirt lol. I'm so bad at making up my mind. To those NOT in the now, Julie got me a great book that shows you how to take ordinary t-shirts and spice them up (usually with little or NO sewing!). So thanks for that... I just need to get enough guts to do it lol.

D got me a great wolverine toy which is guarding my dvd's in the livingroom. lol. I want to take him to work but I'm afraid my students will REALLY think I've lost it with a toy, plus a pez dispenser, all my pictures of him AND a lunch bag (not box... it's a bag and I got it for a buck!). Yeah, need to back off on the wolvie a bit. Someone's gonna suggest therapy soon lol... perhaps it's too late for that. ;)

Stine found me a really cool wrist band that I've been wearing everywhere. very punkish and fun. I laugh, my poor wristbands are the only thing punk about me anymore. If fear... well I fear I may have gone....



NO... NO, anything but that!

Well folks, with the amount of work clothes I'm forced into each day, I'm thinking yeah. I wear more yuppie stuff than anything else. Luckily I'm not entirely happy in them (except my skirts, they're just too adorable not to like and I fear that Stine, D and Julie's girliness has rubbed off on me lol!). But the pants... they're off the second I get in the house and hunt down a decent set of bluejeans (or pjs...whichever are closer and more appropriate lol).

So again thank you julie for buying me that t-shirt book. I think my wardrobe need a bit of an edge to go with some of my more recent purchases to help reset the balance in my closet once again :D

and one last thing tonight:

Some semi- good news. I threw a pitch out there for a script idea to my co-workers at Awesome Storm Justice and they liked enough to say, what the hell write up a treatment (swwweeet) Of course if everyone likes it and they say yes, greenlight go write it, the thing won't go into production until this time NEXT YEAR! (good heavens! Comicbooks take a long time). Again it's no pay, but it's another writing gig and I'll willing to take all they'll allow me. Gotta get my name out there some how (plus I really do enjoy the comic).

Now if my students' papers would just correct themselves, I could go to bed happy tonight. :)

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