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Monday, September 25, 2006/5:13 PM

The 5 day weekend?

How is it that in the span of 3 days i feel as though i've lived through 5??

Seriously. It wasn't as though i was stressed. Hardly, i had a very nice weekend (albiet a ton of driving). But somehow between friday and today i've managed to do a ton of stuff and not even realize it.

1st off... went to bryon and julie's and had a lovely pizza hut dinner *yummy* friday night. Ended up watching Bleach. Great Anime. I still prefer Eureka, but i think Bleach is quickly becoming a favorite. :)

Next on the agenda, i taught class at 8am saturday, went home ran the laundry, corrected some papers, retooled some comic scripts and watched some "fruits baskets" dvds that i had borrowed off Julie. I can't say that i adore fruits baskets, but it is a bit like a car wreak. I can't help but look. It has it's good qualities. I particularly like the character Kyo, but frankly Yuki and all the sugary goodness occasionally makes me roll my eyes. I do believe that officially makes me jaded LOL. Still, the concept is cool and the main storyline is neat.

later that night i returned to Bryon and julie's for another viewing of Bleached (and simultaneously reading book 4 of fruits basket... damn crack addiction). Left early because i was falling asleep on the couch. Hopefully they didn't want too many episodes after i left. Ah well, if they did i'll just have someone give me a quick rundown.

Sunday i got up at the butt crack of dawn (which my time on a weekend in 9am) and drove home to hang with the rents. Ended up crashing on my bed in my childhood room and drooling on a pillow (LOL, i haven't done that since i was like 5 ROFL). then realized perhaps i should correct my students papers and prep for the next day's night class.

Ran off to dinner with mom and dad (oddly enough at pizza hut. Apparently it was the weekend of pizza too) and ran through wal-mart looking for odds and ends that i needed.
Got back home and worked on ANOTHER student's paper (which i fought mom and dad's 56 k modem to email BACK to the poor girl). Finally tottled off to bed at midnight, after falling asleep in the middle of mythbusters (great episode btw, they were dispelling movie stunts like the awning drop in Temple of Doom, the circle of bullets Kate Beckensale drills through the floor to escape in Underworld, austen power's ejection seat and of course the myth of being able to break a sword's blade with another sword... great stuff)

Today i got up at 7, hurried about the house, ran off to the mechanics only to sit there for about a half hour and be told exactly what i already knew about my transmission,

drove home

got groceries

watched tv

finished script 2 of my 3 part mini series for Awesome Storm Justice 41

and went to teach class.

How the hell did i do ALL of that in 96 hrs?

i have NO idea lol.

can i sit down now?

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