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Thursday, August 03, 2006/11:10 PM

the week in highlights:

- happily skipped to my college campus to place a book order for my night class i'm teaching next term (whoo hoo! Night class... i say this now, give me 2 months and ask me again how i feel about it lol).

- sweltered in record weather in a sealed up school with no fan. Chased after rowdy penned up children making sure that THEY drank water, forgot to drink water myself

- found myself at home later with mild heat exhaustion. Friend pitied me and took me away to a diner where they pumped me full of water and air conditioning until we were finally kicked out because the place was closing. Luckily snapped out of my funk and was fine (well, ok... improved) the rest of the night.

- watched more films than it is healthy to watch while STILL trapped in a non air-conditioned school. THIS TIME managed to con the janitorial staff out of a fan and drank the place dry. Ended up NOT getting heat exhaustion but INSTEAD having to treat my co-worker for it. She seemed better by the time we left.

- Got to listen to my site boss yell at our kids because money was stolen from the water fund out of the faculty lounge fridge. mind you the faculty lounge fridge was in the hallway because the janitors were waxing the floor and the sign did not say water is for staff ONLY. Nor did anyone tell us the kids couldn't have any even if they payed. However the money was stolen and i'm sooo fricken PEEVED. I don't believe the kids were involved but we get blamed for everything so whatever people. Yeah cuz a five year old doesn't know the importance of money.. BS. They're probably the most money hungry of all folks and think 3 dollars is a lot, as opposed to our kids who scoff at 3 bucks.

- Passed out on couch twice this week and found myself suffering from bouts of sleep paralysis. Ugh, i hate when that happens and today's occurance was REALLY bad. I had the worst time trying to shake it off. They say it comes from stress and laying in an awkward position. I'm pretty sure i was ok stretched out on the couch. I'm 100% sure that I'm stressed lol

- Was REALLY REALLY productive yesterday. Finished a script for a writing contest (don't win anything except bragging rights, but i don't mind lol), edited a script for a webcomic i'm collaborating on. Did the dishes, picked up the house (a bit, it's still looks like hitler marched though here). Sadly didn't get to the laundry. I'm sorry it's too hot to do laundry. My crazy landlord has the dryer vent sitting in the laundryroom BESIDE the dryer rather than piped through outside (what a mess it makes too). It's great in the winter because it's added heat while you clean your clothes, but right now... BLEH!. Forget it. This heat better break soon or else i'm gonna be running about nekked!! lol

- Tomorrow is pay day and the end of week 5. Four more days of this summer job. As much as i'll miss the kids, i will NOT miss the stupid bosses and their ridiculous ideas and constant blame games. I'm going to cash my check, pack my bags and go home for the weekend. Apparently we're going to canada! (ok niagara falls, that's hardly canada) Haven't been on a family vacation in years. Hopefully we'll have some fun :) I'll post the rundown on that monday! have a great weekend everybody!! :)

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