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Wednesday, August 30, 2006/9:57 PM

Return of the ObZURD-vations!

Holy crap i haven't done one of these in um... MONTHS! So, i guess it's about time. Enjoy!

- There is a odd delight to biting into a twinkie then using your finger to pull out some of the filling and plop it on top of the dots on the flat side of the cake so that they look Bigger (if you've ever seen or eating a twinkie you know what i'm talking about. If you're not from round these parts, next time you're in america. Get a twinkie. trust me, it's heaven... um until your artieries seize up, that is or your waist expands).

- My mentor in grad school was right. Yes Dr. Steinberg if you're reading this, you read right. You were fricken right. Stop gloating, you haven't heard what you're right about.

You were right because the freaking lawn mower grounds people DO follow us (professors) around and wait to mow under our windows during our classes. SCARY. Maybe i should go to them and explain that i'm the granddaughter of a former university groundskeeper. Perhaps they'll back off then.

- Apparently listening to A Perfect Circle, NIN, David Bowie, Marilyn Manson (it was just one song that happened to be on my cd) and Chevelle makes me a "Dark" Personality. This comes from a coworker who was probably just teasing, so i don't take much stock into it. But come on, our music makes us DARK? I'm quite chipper, most of the time. Besides, didn't Manson listen to the Beatles???

- Overheard from an incoming freshman's mother: "Can i get a copy of my son's email password. I just want to be able to check his mail from home and make sure he's getting all his assignments so i can type up his homework for him"

I shit you not.

- realized in my car coming home the other night: One should not let me drive after watching anything to do with car racing (this time it was Taladega Nights... last time it was Charlie's Angels One) I zipped through town clocking 45 in a 30. WHOOPS. luckily the cops were busy chasing my neighbor's son down the street (I kid... well this time I kid).

- We forget the small pleasures sometimes. Here's a list of a few things that i found amazing this past week:

a) obviously the twinkies... see above reasons

b) fresh laundry. Finally remember to pick up the degergent last time i went to the store. Kept forgetting. But god that smell... ahhhhh

c) writing. My god sometimes it really just runs on out. Othertimes not so much, but during those times when it's flowing... it's like heaven.

d) freezey pops. Kool aid frozen in a long plastic tube which you can suck on and roll up until all the ice is gone and THEN you can suck out whatever juice is left in it. Great invention... sadly the perverts are probably going to rip apart that prevous sentence in the comment section of this post. lol.

e) reading with friends. Spent an evening at Barnes the other night just hanging about reading a comic while they sat across from me drinking their tea and coffee reading their stuff. Of course we talked too and laughed, but it was fun to just sit quietly and enjoy my book.

and finally

f) clean sheets. I know this should go with the laundry part, but its not the smell i'm going to rave about, but rather the feeling. You just want to lay there and feel the warmth (i usually put straight from the dryer sheets on my bed). It's like a snuggly warm coat. Well one that's six foot something long and probably six foot wide and has a soft pillow. Wow that's one hell of a warm coat.

well that's if for ObZURDvations for now. I'll try to do another set in another 2 months lol.

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