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Tuesday, August 29, 2006/9:45 AM

Fill in bad Powerstation song here

Ahhhh, God i'm in love with David Tennant. That can't be good as: a) he's in england b) he's a movie star and c) he doesn't really act like Dr. Who. LOL

Seriously, the man is HOT. And as much as i thought i'd miss old Chris Eccelston (sp?) as Dr. Who, i don't. Stop screaming "TRAITOR" at the computer. Seriously stop. I can't hear you.

But come on look at this face, how can you not love this face:

Tell me now, isn't that the look that says "Take me home to your mother, I'm adorable and handy with a sonic screwdriver!" oh okay it's a serious look here but you should see his silly grin (as we all know that the Doctor is the King of silly grins... well we who are fans anyway).

And yes for you male readers out there i picked a photo of him with rose. There now... happy? Blond bombshell. Might i add that annoying as i found her in season one, she grew on me season two. That's all i'm saying. I dont want to give away any gooddies cuz julie reads my blog and i'd hate to ruin it for her. Hopefully we'll continue our Dr. Who night come january (when season 2 aires on SCI FI). That was a blast. Even though i had already seen (and owned) all of season 1 (and now season 2). UGH after the great ending on season 2 i can't wait for season 3 (i am not a patient person... does it show? lol).

Speaking of returning favorites we're only a hair over a month away from the return of Battlestar Galatica and i believe Lost will be starting in the next few weeks! I loved our group's little Lost night and Dr. Who night. Hopefully we'll get to do that again this year :) The way i see it is, too much tv alone... pathetic. Too much TV but with friends... bring on the drinks and the board games, that's a fun night :)

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