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Wednesday, August 16, 2006/1:29 PM

OOH OOH OHH, the bitch is back!

Christ, I never though i'd quote Elton John *shudder* this blog has hit a new low. lol.

Anyway, special shout out thanks to Julie for lending me her laptop in my hour of need. Yes you read right folks. Hour of need. Alas my computer went belly up last week. It was horrible. I cried. Okay i bitched and moaned, but same difference. I loved that computer. She was nearly 9 years old! It was her time. *sniff, sniff*

In happier news (well not to my budget, that's for sure) I shall be receiving my new computer as early as this weekend! Whoo hoo go DELL! (despite your exploding laptops... EEK... thank god i'm getting a pc right now). So i should be back up to speed soon and Julie, you shall have your beloved laptop back asap as well. :) YAY!

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