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Wednesday, August 16, 2006/12:39 PM

Oh for Want of a Rope Swing

Ok so last Sunday my friends and i journeyed to my childhood home out in the backhills of NY (lol, we piled 6 in a car that fit five comfortably lol... talk about flashbacks to college). And i donno about them, but i had a blast!

I miss the vast wilderness of my home. The grass, the animals, the big sky. The SILENCE! God, i so don't get there here in this town. Last night i was serenaded by my downstairs neighbor's band. No not the deliquent son, but rather the step father who is borderline 50. Don't get me wrong they sang ok, but i was like... um guys its tuesday night and it's MIDNIGHT!! (um then again what the hell was i doing? I was watching Domino on my tv... and writing a script. whoo. What a griping life I must lead).

Anyway I'm just bumming i guess because i didn't get that much hometime this summer. I had planned to visit more and didn't get a chance. But no one to blame there but myself i guess. Eh, so anyway work at the college begins again this monday. I"m so excited (and yet terrified because of this new night class) yet i'm also a bit miffed because i feel like my summer just went plop... there you go. I can't complain too much though. I did have a blast doing what few activities i did participate in. The drive-in was fun. Pirates weekend, my trip home with friends, swimming at the local pool, and our fourth of july run around were all good times.

Now it's back to the books. Ahem, though lately it's been manga books lol. Julie and D got me hooked on a book called Hot Gimmick. It's horribly overdramatic but somehow it just sucks you in like a dyson vaccum! I'm only up to book 7. There are 11 books out and 12 books total. I'm seriously considering riding to Barnes and Noble (whole 15 minutes away lol) to read the rest. But that requires using gas and me getting my arse out of my pjs (this is my vacation week).

I'm also reading Pride and Predjudice again. I'll be teaching it this term (yikes!) so i need to have it cold! I've been watching the film over and over too just so i can catch any cheaters. I need to review the new film one more time.

Bought Sense and Sensibility yesterday (at a very sensible price, i might add). Also got Sliding Doors (love that film) as well. LOL, then my tomboy side took over and I saw Domino on sale and quickly snagged it. LOL, i wish i were half as tough and cool as the movie Domino Harvey (not so much the real Domino who was a druggie lesbian... um thanks but, no thanks). Movie Dominio rocks. Butterfly knives, (and i know i'm going to slaughter the spelling for this so i'm just going to spell it pheonetically) NUMB chucks, big ass guns, Cool short hair (must be nice to be able to pull off short hair Keira... *pout, pout*), hot, hot male costar looking cool and being just as bad ass as you... *sigh*. Yeah movie Domino Harvey rocks.

Have decided that i have a very skitzo personality, with out the mental infliction of being actually skitzo lol. I just seem torn between being a Austen gal all... YAY balls, YAY tea parties, YAY dresses, yay beautiful long hair in soft cascading buns and at the same time I'm very "whoo hoo... lets kick ass!" YAY baseball, YAY Kung FU!, YAY Comic books, Tank tops, wrist cuffs, punk hair, guns, zombies, ARCHERY, FENCING! (my love for horses could fit both sides of my personality). I'm surprsed that with such opposing loves in my life that i haven't gone bonkers yet.

I have worn a dress over jeans before, maybe that's it. I just need to learn to marry the two into one style.

Empire dresses with butterfly knives!

Lol... just pictured Jennifer Ehle toting a gun through the moors and killing zombies in a regency gown. MUU WAA HAA HAA.

Oh i think tha'ts enough for now. My sanity has apaprently left me. lol

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