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Tuesday, August 29, 2006/2:00 PM

Don't Make Me Turn this Blog Around!

BAH... blogger is acting like Myspace today. Talk about bitchy. Trying to overhaul a few minor things on my template, but nooo miss fancypants doesn't want to publish right now.

Grrrr... internet! You and i are THIS close to rumbling! I'll give you the people's elbow if you don't bend to my will! Can you SMMMMMMMELLLL... ok I'll stop lol.

Seriously though, this blog just pissed me off. A whole bunch of work down the drain. But i shall persevere. That's what i do. (er what i attempt to do anyway, not like my people are all that downtrodden. Although i am broke... does that count? Probably not. Hmm ah well).

I have heard news good people. That Julie shall be gathering the pirate weekend photos soon! (yay photos of us as pirates... ARRRR). Don't hold your breath though. She has to go get them from Bryon's father's camera SOOOO it's still going to be a bit, but we're much closer now and that makes me grin :) (see that's me... grinning)

I think i've had one too many smarties today. I'm finding that i'm bouncing off the walls again. I got this really cool (and cute) pez-like dispenser for smarties with Wolverine's head. i adore it. Carry it everywhere i go.

you should see the looks i get being twenty eight (nearly twenty nine) and pulling out Wolverine only to shoot a smartie out of his neck and aim it a nearby unsuspecting friend (hee hee, i love doing that despite the wasted smartie). Anyway, i think they're are starting to seep int my mind.

Still working on reading Tristram Shandy (it's funnier than hell, but damn is it long). It doesn't help that my top priority right now has to be reading Pride and Prejudice (for the um... sixth perhaps?) time. Classes start Monday so i need to be ready, but damn it Tristram is just too funny to put down.

Not much going on in the writing front (ahem... she said knowing that she should probably be doing some now... ahem). I'm getting ready to start issue 2 of the werewolf comic Bryon and I are creating. But i'm considering reworking issue 1 a bit first... oh the drama. Oh the trauma. lol. I'll figure it out one way or the other then start up again.

Hmm. Guess that's it's for now. Wonder if Blogger is going to behave now or if i shall have to threaten it with some really bad Sgt. Slaughter onliners. Perhaps Mr. T would work better.

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