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Wednesday, August 30, 2006/9:08 PM

Arsey Darcy

Okay so tonight I sat and finished the end of the new Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightly. I have to say she's half decent as Lizzie... but that's not what I'm planning to rant on about in this post (and oh how I apparently love to rant).

Are there men like Darcy? I don't' think so, which ok... I know that sounds bitter and silly at the same time. Of course there are no men like Darcy, Darcy is a fictional character. But no no no... you're misunderstanding me (mainly because I have yet to make any reasonable point). What I mean is. We women really seem to get swept away with this knight on a white horse idea. Why is that? I know, I know not all of us do, but certainly enough to warrant the idea to be so cliche and household that everyone knows what you're talking about when you say "I'm looking for my knight in shining armor". They know you're not looking for someone to slaughter a village and yet still avoid dry cleaning bills (although when my students act up that could prove to be handy)... You mean a form of Chivalry (granted yes I know medieval chivalry is complicated as hell so lets stick with the generalization of chivalry then, shall we? Just Man... horse... white... saving you... devoted as hell).

But is Chivalry dead?

I don't think so... well not in a realistic sense. I have plenty of doors opened for me, men being polite and such. I had a guy (older man) stand when I left the table the other day. I nearly died out of embarrassment. It was so sweet but awkward as arse, talk about drawing attention to me leaving for the bathroom! lol

Anyway I digress... I just have to wonder, how alive was it really? It's an ideal. Something to strive for. I highly doubt it was every fully in practice. First off, and please someone correct me because I'm sure I'm wrong, but I have serious reservations as to whether or not both sexes share the same definition for love.

Darcy declares that he adamantly loves Lizzie. But I wonder what kind of love? It is lust disguised as love? Is it a love because he couldn't have her? Because she's forbidden? If that's so is it still love or is it lust? Does our love grow out of lust first? Do women love more deeply? Do men? I have absolutely no answers nor have a come up with any crackpot opinions on these questions. They were just some of the thoughts that were running through my head while I watched the film. How do you know when its the real thing and not just words thrown out there to get your partner to do what you want?

Christ I am jaded and I'm babbling on. lol But I donno after I turned the film off I couldn't help myself. I am really curious to see if anyone had any comments or theories. Do we love differently? I wonder if the idea of "True love" is more of a female notion which we WISH men had or if it's true. I honestly don't know. And that's why I've thrown it out there for folks.

Does the "Darcy" male (one who is so deeply in love with you that he cannot breathe until the next time he see you, that he'll sweep you off your feet and save you from the world) exist or is he utter shite led to build up little girl's dreams only to let them down when they realize that the real world is a boyfriend who is.... tolerable. What's the female comedian's song.... "I settled for you". lol.

lol... and if you think I'm off my rocker right now. Just blame the fact that I was up til 4 am Tuesday night simply because I was reading and didn't look at the clock so I'm a bit strung out sleep wise right now lol. Promise the next post will be back to it's usual silliness :P

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