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Saturday, July 22, 2006/7:12 PM

Yes I've reclaimed my love for the Dandy Prince (come on look at him, he was adorable in a Pre-Captain Jack Sparrow bizarre 80s flamboyant pretty boy sort of way). I loved Adam and the Ants as a child, hey now songs like: Goodie Two Shoes, Prince Charming, Friend or Foe and Stand and Deliver just rock. Plus the videos are a riot. I had kinda let ol' Adam drift from my mind over the past few years. Nirvana, Metallica, Tool, Radiohead and others sorta cluttered my head during the highschool/college years. But just a few weeks ago Julie was kind enough to lend me one of her comics "Blue Monday" which brought Adam back into my world.

**MAJOR TANGENT WARNING** OMG if you have not read this series YOU MUST. Even if you are NOT a comic book fan (it's semi-manga, but it is written by an American gal, not much older than myself actually) you will love it. I promise. I would never force comics or manga on anyone who doesn't normally read the genre, but trust me if you can remember the 80s (as in you were there not you were just born) and perhaps you were in highschool or college during the 90s you'll die laughing. Between the main character Bleu (who is hilarious herself) and her deep crush... er excuse me love for her substitute history teacher, Mr. Bishop to her best friend Clover (an Irish gal who must be a recent immigrant or something) telling people to "Fok off ya Gobshite!" the thing is cover to cover hilarity. It was SOOO my childhood/teenage years on paper (well the good times anyway, not the bullying by Kristin the bitch days lol).

Nickerdoodles if you're reading this, hunt this book down either at the library or online. Trust me you will LOVE IT. Have I steered you wrong book wise before? Come on I brought us Dean Koontz (ROFL, okay bad example). But if you don't mind looking at some pretty pictures, I KNOW you'll love it. It's so us when we were 15. Right down to the daily graveyard hikes (the cursed Jesus head bit is so something we would have thought up while touring the cemetery as we often did back then... btw I saw the Alfred cemetery groundskeeper over memorial day weekend, he says Hi and that he really misses us... awww, he was always such a nice guy).

Anyway back to Adam, Bleu is obsessed with Adam Ant in book 1 (there is a great scene where she tries to get tickets to see him live, ah the days of being caller #9 at the radio station lol) and I couldn't help but go, holy crap I use to love him... do I even own any of his stuff anymore? (Yeah that was a big no) So thanks to youtube I was able to find most of his videos and they are now playing on my computer as I write this now. (stand and deliver is screaming away at me lol).

I have to say that the only sad part about this rekindling of an old flame is that I found a pic of what ol' Adam looks like now (he's fifty two!):

um the years... not been so kind. I looked on two different sites to verify this picture because I was soooo certain that he couldn't look like that now! lol! Not that he looks awful for an old guy, but he looks 60 not 50.

He looked so cool, so Captain Jack before. (20 years go i realize). But I now suddenly fear for the Col. :(

(That's Mister Depp for those of you NON Hunter S. Thompson fans)

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