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Sunday, July 16, 2006/12:56 AM

CRUSHED part deux

Okay so it was the second incoming freshman writing test yesterday and again the lovely head OL (what did i call him before? I've forgotten now, fine i'll call Him BEN this time) Okay, Ben once again sitting around staring at me all creepy stalker like lol. But he's a nice kid so i try to hide my creeped-out-ness. Ah well, it's nice to have a fan lol.

Okay, so i was sooo happy yesterday. Got a break from my little ones (the 10-12 year olds i'm watching the summer, don't panic i haven't popped any kids out yet), got to see my two favorite students who were Orientation Assistants :) That warmed my heart.

But here comes the odd part. Ran into Julie online and she said that my kids (the 10-12 year-olds) did not show to the museum she works at like they were scheduled. In fact when i met up with her last night i found out that they NEVER showed. Odd. Wonder what's that all about. Creepy. What i'm gone one day and all hell breaks loose? Wow can't imagine i'm THAT important lol.

Was suppose to go to a karoke drinking party tonight but i backed out at the last minute. I decided i had a ton of crap to catch up on here at home and if I went to binghamton and stayed overnight it would just make me lose most of my weekend to driving and sleeping off a hangover. think i'll pass. Perhaps another weekend Jim, thanks for the offer though. Jesse shall go in my stead (and is there right now. I've received 2 drunken text messages and 2 drunken phone calls to assure me that both he and jim are having a good time and apparently eatting ritz crackers lol). I instead went bowling tonight and scored a personal best for me: 99!! i nearly died, one point short of a 100. Hell i had 2 strikes in a row!! i about fell over from shock. Tomorrow we're all going to the lake so that should be fun. :) Yay i love weekends where i get to do lots of stuff! Not that i mind lazy weekends either.

I broke ALL of my sewing machine needles this week working on my pirate costume for next sunday's ren faire trip. BTW soooo excited about that cuz i haven't been to the ren fair since uh... junior year of high school?? lol That's 12 years ago!!! Anyway i'm borrowing Julie's sewing machine now. I moved all my stuff over to her place. I'm nearly done. I can't wait, i'm so excited to try it all on. I've done some minor fittings but i can't wait for the finished product. I promise i'll post pics of Pirate Weekend up here. HEE HEE and ARRRRRRR!

Well guess that's all for now. I"m off to bed. This little gal is pooped and has to get up early so she can get some cleaning done before the lake trip. Yay lake trip!

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