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Sunday, July 23, 2006/7:00 AM


Okay, i figured i'd sneak a blog entry in before Pirate Weekend... ARRRR!

*Ahem* Sorry we've been doing that all week. Apparently no one in my group of friends can say Pirate Weekend without following it with a "Yarrrrrr" or an "Arrrr" or even"Arrrghhhh" (that's a dying pirate btw).

Anyway, it's almost 8am here. I'm wide awake. i was hoping to sleep another hour *le sigh* that didn't happen. And now i'm hearing church bells.

Yeah you read right, church bells. Which seems very sureal to me. Not because I haven't been to church in almost two months and before that i hadn't gone since um... december? (... soooo going to hell lol) but rather because its 8am.

Do people have church at 8am?? Ours was always 10am in the summer and 11am during the school year. And i don't EVER remember the bells going off until after church let out; which was safely after noon so if any of the neighboring homes weren't up by then, we could all judge them like good little christians and say, well get your lazy arse up lol. (kidding of course about the judging... well at least on my part).

Anyway the bells are donging away over here and I can't help but think the following:

HA... the apocolypse comment suddenly reminded me of this robot chicken sketch. I shall leave you with that today and come back to entertain you with pirate stories, pics and so forth tomorrow!

"oh... the poor thing can't hear." ROFL ROFL!!!

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