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Monday, July 24, 2006/2:12 PM

Ahoy! (Chips, that is)

Okay, so I'm eating Chips A'hoy cookies right now... they are sooooo yummy. I really need to put them up. But eh, screw it, I am weak.

Anyway, Pirate Weekend (er rather just Pirate Sunday to be more accurate) was a blast! We ended up leaving late so we didn't get there until 1pm but honestly any earlier and I think we would have all passed out on the ride back home (which I did do anyway. It was 10:30pm and I'm in the back of Bryon and Julie's Jeep and my eyes kept sagging then popping open again, lol. Just like a little kid coming back from Darien Lake lol)

The pirates were plenty and very cool (with the exception of a girl who dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow and even went to the extent of putting on facial hair... that was creepy lol). Everyone in our crew looked awesome. D's Pirate jacket came out great (despite her complaint that it was ghetto... it so wasn't girl. Sure you need to put some lining in it, but with the jacket closed no one could see and you got at least 3 compliments on it, very cool!). Christine looked like a pikey pirate (pikey is a naughty slang term for Irish gypsies lol), Julie was all decked out in female pirate glory. Jesse looked more like a cabin boy than a pirate (lol that was amusing). And Bryon and Mike sorta did the whole Jolly Rogers Pirate T-shirt with shorts look. Sadly we lost Bryon's eye patch before we even left the house. We all were so miffed. The damn thing had only been sitting on the coffee table all week while he was at training and the second he needs it, bam... Gremlins came and ate it (which we soon found to be the theme of the day as later Julie temporarily lost the road map in the locked car, naughty gremlins lol).

As for the Fair's shows: The hawklady amused me greatly since none of her birds behaved. Poor girl, I felt really bad for her. But I still snickered. Very bad of me. lol. Jousting was interesting, but I'd seen it before. What I really enjoyed was going from shop to shop seeing what they had to offer and of course watching the kids ride the kiddy rides. In fact one ride had a guy standing beside the rope swing throwing bottled water at the children who laughed gleefully (except one girl who cried so hard that the guy gave her a water bottle and let her throw the water at him lol).

Hmm what else. Well there's so much that went on. I promise I'll have pictures up as soon as folks give them to me. My camera has been stupid lately so I decided to just see if I could get copies of everything my friends took (so um guys... can I have copies? lol). When they get around to printing them out or forwarding them to me I promise up on the board they go!

Whew, well after the workday from hell (the kids were EXTRA bad today) I'm going to go take a nap. A little later tonight I think I shall call about and see if folks are wanting to hang out or not. Hopefully something will be going down. You never know after a long day of hanging out like yesterday sometimes everyone likes to just chill on their own. Understandable, yet after a work day like I had to day, I'm really looking forward to a quiet evening amongst friends. :)

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