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Saturday, June 10, 2006/6:50 PM

When It Rains...

Okay so yesterday was freaky. I should go and look up my horoscope or something. Actually i probably should have gone out to a bar or some public place last night as I had a really good day and who knows i might have met someone lol. I don't say this to boast, but rather i say it in surprise. This also isn't to say this to imply that all the other days this week sucked, they didn't But Friday was exceptionally... strange. How so?

First i wake up to find seven emails. SEVEN! Good lord i had just checked my mail before bed at 1am! Who could have been up to email me between then and 9:30 am! Actually everyone in england. I know I've mentioned that i did a short prose piece for an online web comic recently, well the editor of that comic (and creator) contacted me to say that some online web magazine wants to interview me. WHA???? Come again?? Um, okay sure what the heck.

The next email, well it was from friends on Penciljack who want me to be Lead Editor of the 18th issue of their webcomic Awesome Storm Justice 41. Of course i accepted. It's going to be a lot of hard work, but it'll be so much fun and something to be proud of later, great resume maker too. I may also get a chance to write for them in the future, so that's cool. You can click on the link to go see the previous issues (although i had nothing to do with those, wait til #18 comes out if you're prefer to see my stuff.. but again i'll just be the editor of that... so far my personal favorite is issue #9, but it won't make sense if you dont' read the others)

Then another email from a fellow penciljacker who wants me to write his comic for him. I"m still getting the details on this, so we'll see if I go through with this. It looks like it's long and i don't want to get too bogged down in something that won't be finished by the end of the summer as I have to return to work in August.

Oh yes and speaking of work. I get off the net and go brush my teeth. No sooner is my toothbrush in my mouth that the phone rings! It's the people from Summer Day Camp. Apparently they want me to work for them after all! THANK GOD!! Now i won't have to worry as much about money this summer. I'll still be on a budget from hell, but at least now i won't feel like i'm going to be arrested for failure to pay bills.

And finally i finished the script for issue #1 of my comic (which i'm thinking of turning into my own webcomic, but it's certainly going in the portfolio for writing) CURFEW (click on the attachement for the SECOND post if you'd like to read it). Quite proud of myself there. I might try to draw some of it tonight, but honestly i don't think i have the patience required to make it shine the way it deserves. I need a real artist. But they're hard to find too. Ah well, i'll refine it a bit more then start looking. The least i can do is come up with the character designs.

So yes, Friday (and today since i finished proofreading the freshman selected essays just an hour ago) went well. But of coures i'm a bit nervy now. I keep wondering when the shoe will drop and how hard it's going to hurt when it does. Ah well, guess i'll just enjoy the ride until then and say thank you so much to God, fate, budha, allah, space aliens, whomever you believe in, who granted me yesterday :)

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