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Thursday, June 22, 2006/9:43 AM

Staring at a computer

So I've been staring at the computer for the past hour, hoping that some creativity might leak into my head. But alas, thus far... nope.

Been having a shite morning. Realized I was out of orange juice (grr this mean shopping, hate grocery shopping alone). the influx of little bugs in my apartment is continuing. Not many, thank god. Its not like the ant invasion that's hitting some of my friends and certainly my parents. but still it's irritating as hell trying to chase after a stupid jumbo fly that won't hold still for more than a second.

Watched a TON of stargate last night at Bryon and Julie's. I have to say... it's growing on me like a horrible fungus. It has its moments. I'm still peeved at how they ruined Daniel Jackson and turned him into a gun toting macho man who apparently has forgotten how to speak other languages and no longer has allergies (which IMO was his BEST character trait).

Horrigans went ok. I had fun, but we pulled up stakes fast which was good. I have a feel had a stuck around longer I wouldn't have walked out of there happy. Perhaps I can only take that place in moderation. Its just a great atmosphere to help you feel like a loser, um the bar atmo in general, not Horrigans itself.

Kinda regret all the stupid relationship choices I've made over the years now. Someone last night said something that sounded like it could have come from my mouth when I was twenty. Apparently they feel someone else is TOO available and therefore there is no thrill of the chase. Because said person is all over them, they find it a turn off. Now while I'll agree that stalker obsession is BAD, I'd kill for a guy to actually act like he's interested anymore. And I couldn't help but think back to when I said those nearly exact words in college. Although the person I said them about turned out to be a flipping nutt-case, I still wonder if I had gave in, settled and said yeah ok we'll give you a chance if a) they wouldn't have gone all apeshite on me and b) I might be happy today (um relationship happy, I'm happy with most everything else).

But to the person who said that last night, come on. Take it from an older version of you, you will be lonely. You will be pathetic and you will be kicking yourself. Don't be a dumbass.

With that said, I whole swear that I will NO LONGER BITCH ABOUT MY BOYFRIEND STATUS ON THIS BLOG. I refuse to drag my blog down into the Woe-is-Me pit. I refuse to dwell on crap anymore. This is my mid-year resolution. Damn it, I'm gonna try to keep it.

and for my buds out there, I apologize for any bitching I've done in the past month. I guess I've just been on edge lately. From now on I swear, you won't hear it. That's why god (or space aliens) invented private diaries.

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