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Sunday, June 25, 2006/9:43 PM

Picture of the Night


Ah Tony Stark (aka ironman) how i love you let me count the ways.

Wit, charisma... money... oh yeah and an addiction to vodka (well ANY alcohol really, including Robotussin, N-Quill, and Listerine)

Who wouldn't love a man like that? ;)

Found this pic on the Adventures of Picard website listed under my links. The author of that blog also has a Action Figure Theater section that is hillarious. Sometimes they are skits, other times they're just stills like this one. This one made me laugh. Of course you kinda need to be a fan of Ironman to get it. I, a recent convert to Tony Stark, love it.

It only amuses me more so that Stolichnaya was the brand i was given in 1998 on my 21st B-day by my friends at Fredonia. And in my mind it continues to be my "JACKPOT" as it currently still holds the record for the single largest bottle of vodka I have ever seen. It was SOOO huge and SOOO classy that it was in a plastic bottle.

*ahem i would like to close this with the disclaimer that i am a) not a lush like Tony Stark. I only hit the bar once a week and have one drink. Shut up, i do so. I'm too poor to be a lush. Only Tony Stark could afford to drink these days.

b) do not currently have vodka in my fridge... what... no that's a wine cooler. It's a wine cooler i tell you! GET OUT OF MY FRIDGE!!

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