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Thursday, June 08, 2006/9:54 AM

Creatively on a Roll!
Financially going down the Hole.

Ugh, I need summer work. I will clean your house if you want. I'm that scared I won't be able to pay my August bills. July, well July is in the bag. But August... perhaps I can sell myself to Satan again. Think he'll buy used? Hmm maybe not. I'm no good in hot weather, I just lay around ill.

Anyway, I'm quite proud of my more recent artistic accomplishments. First off I picked up the pencils and started drawing again. I'll never be a professional comic book artist, I don't have the patience, but hey... who knows if I ever become a published famous writer (ha ha ha, well we'll keep trying) I can insert my artwork in half the copies and charge double ROFL. Anyway here's my favorite piece thus far. I suddenly got the urge to draw Firestar of the 80s cartoon Spiderman and his Amazing Friends fame. I hated her costume so I tweaked it and dumped that horrible pair of butterfly sunglasses (good god the original artist needs to be shot for that idea, no self respecting woman would where those without three or four belts of Jack or Captain Morgan in her... uh I disavow any knowledge of personal past experiences with oversize sunglasses and drinking... or any grass skirts for that matter). Anyway, this was what I came up with after I gave her a What Not To Wear makeover.

Blast from My Past

hmmm she looks a bit like the Dark Phoenix. Probably shouldn't have drawn this after watching X3 lol. Eh, it's STILL an improvement from what she had before. And I'm happy that I actually had the patience to draw the cityscape. I NEVER do that. (again another reason why I will NEVER be a comicbook artist lol). Also I was trying to get her grab her shoulder and because I made her arm a bit too long, she now looks like she's grabbing her boob ROFL... hm well such is life.

In a related topic, I finished yet another short script. I'm so proud of it. I just was sitting around one day trying to think up topics for the penciljack writing contest and it hit me. Why not write about a superhero's first night out. Of course I ended up tweaking it so it's now two twins having their first crime fighting experience, but it's the same idea. Ok, so it's not original by ANY stretch of the mind, but I really enjoyed doing it. It's my first superhero piece, up until then it's been mostly monsters and pirates or gangsters or something of that nature. Had the worst time trying to figure out powers for them. Mainly because every power I thought of has been used... a bazzillion times. Finally I gave up on originality and just tried to tweak existing ideas, blending together stuff that maybe hasn't been pooled together before (haven't read every comicbook in the world, so I'm not saying for definite that I came up with any new combination). Anyway, if you'd like to check that out, here is a link to my latest semi-short (11pgs) Curfew.

That's pretty much all the news right now. Looking for work, writing away. Praying my downstairs neighbors decide to send their kid to military school after the knockdown dragout fight they had with him the other night that involved the cops showing up and ARRESTING him. lol... such is life.

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