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Sunday, June 25, 2006/8:42 PM

Awww.... Crushed.

Here's a wierd little, um oooookay, moment from this morning's going-ons. I'm sitting around waiting for the Freshmen to finish their meeting with the residence life people so that i may test them. Minding my own business, just checking out ASJ41 website on one of the school computers (i'm frequently worried i'll miss a deadline lol) and the head orientation assistant sits down beside me. Let us call him Jake.

Now Jake is about 19. Nearly 10 years younger than myself and i have only met him only ONCE prior to this morning. And that was when we were in a meeting prepping for today. He pulls up a chair boy style (meaning spinning it around and straddling the thing... may i say that is NOT an attractive way to sit on a chair lol) and says, "they've got about 5 more minutes with Res Life, then its your turn" I say "Okay" Then he stares at me.

This was not just looking at me... no no, this was bore-a-hole-into-my-head, don't-move-a-muscle-i-might-get-away STARING. To the point that i'm wondering... oh christ I DID get powder donut all over my face again.... I KNEW IT. The next few moments went as follows:

Me: "Do i need to be doing something?"
Him: "No" *continues to stare*
Me: "Uh...so... howz your summer been?"
Him: "Oh good... busy." *stares*
Me: "Uh... is this your first year as an orientation assistant?"
Him: "Yes.... w-well i mean no... I mean it's my first year as a leader. But i've done this before"
Me: "Oh... well that's nice"


I look at my computer screen, the back at him, the my computer screen... in my head i'm going... uh.... ooooookay kid.

Me: "Uh... have you ever seen this website"
HIM: (frightenly taking a crazed interest) "What, oh no... what is it??"

i then proceeded to show him the webcomic i'm working on (which he found far too interesting, not that my webcomic isn't interesting... but it was still very strange). Thankgod his headset went off to tell him that the Res Life people were done. I've never been so relieved to have to jump up and give a test!

Not that i don't appreciate his interest (i'm assuming that was him trying to flirt or appear interested or something of that nature) but honey... a) you're 19 and b) you're a student and i love my job far too much. No offense. You're very sweet.. but very very forbidden. And a titch on the creepy side with the staring.

Now if you have an older brother who looks like you and is about 75% as attentive... send him my way ;)

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