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Thursday, June 01, 2006/5:55 PM

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Matey

So today has become one hell of a veg day. Ok so I've been slowly working on the short story I'm writing for a UK webcomic, but other than that... yeah um... I made lunch and dinner, does that count? Hell, I even cleaned up immediately for lunch (um dinner, well I still need to go clean the foreman grill).

So what have I been doing today? Um well, youtube has been entertaining me and as I previously said, I've posted some of my stuff on there. But mostly I've been watching my new favorite anime. I say anime rather than show because NOTHING can replace Firefly in my heart, but thanks to my friend D (hi D!) I'm now addicted to something else: Cowboy Beebop.

I know, I know I'm a late bloomer. I remember people in grad school (and at blockbuster) raving about this show, but I kept saying yeah, uh I'll watch it sometime. Happily that time has come. I suppose part of the reason I like it has to do with its similarity to Firefly (western/scifi kinda motif). But the storylines are engaging and other than the character Ed (which apparently is a fan favorite????) I love the characters. I have been told she is less irritating in Japanese, so I briefly switched it over... okay I'll semi-give you that. She's slightly more stable, but still I don't see the need for a kid on the ship, but whatever, lets not pick. I didn't like the actress who played Inara on Firefly at first, and now I couldn't imagine the ship without her. Anyway, as usual, I got to say you MUST see this show, especially if you like anime (which I occasionally do... within reason. I'd probably hang myself if my TV were trapped on the anime channel though... that's a bit much...okay perhaps hang is strong, but I'd certainly shoot the TV).

Anyway so in my vegetative state today, while surfing about I made this little discovery: pirates. If you don't mind new punk music (which normally I do, but this is sorta in the vein of they might be giants hilarity) and you know Cowboy Beebop you need to see this. It's now on my favorite pile. Hell, I'm going to go find the song now and I HATE Emu (or is it Emo? Emo, Elmo it all sucks.. Long live Johnny Rotten... cuz Sid and Joe Strummer are dead)

Ahem... sorry. Back to the clip, it amused me greatly... probably because it could so be my theme song for today. Eh, one veg day is ok.

I'll conquer the world tomorrow ;)

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