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Monday, May 22, 2006/11:32 AM

list of stuff to succeed at this week:

1) Pounding pavement for backup jobs in case this summer day camp thing falls out on me (keep crossing your fingers folks, I talked to them this morning and apparently I'll be getting a letter one way or another next week... ARGH!)

2) Finishing up laundry (my closet looks like the drop-off bin at Sal-Vo, clothes all over the place)

3) Solving world hunger (starting with me... I forgot my lunch today.... $*&%!)

4) Assimilating all of my friends into the cult of Firefly (I'm half way there... muuu waa ha ha!)

5) Making Jessica Alba and Catherine Zeta Jones look like Rosie O'Donnell and Jack Black (had to perform a crazy acrobatic lunge over the previously mention mounds of laundry to get to my clean shirts this morning, That must count as some sort of exercise... cover of maxim here I come!)

6) Get one of my stories published (um this would require me to take five minutes out and finish one hmmm)

7) Learn to make T-shirts (already on top of this and my god can you imagine the money I can save on gifts for friends AND my own wardrobe! Excellent... and yes I mean screening t-shirts, professionally good looking t's not the crap you can make with an iron and a printer)

8) Invade Scotland. (No idea why. Bush didn't have a reason, so I figure if I am going to attack some place, might as well be a place where the men are hardy, amusing, have great voices and aren't afraid to put on a dress)

9) Work on my Spanish (if the illegal immigrants really are invading as quickly as the president thinks perhaps I should brush up. If not, well hey I can swear around my parents no problem... not that I don't already do that in German... oh, AND Chinese).

10) Promise not to post dumb lists like this EVER again (okay well perhaps seldom)

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