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Thursday, May 11, 2006/12:35 PM

"Jayne... the man they called JAYNE!"

Okay fellow Browncoats (and those of you who are just friends of us who are inflicted by the firefly bug) I have decided to go at it and make my own Jayne Cobb hat (that's just straw stuck on his hat in the picture) I believe it might possibly be the ugliest hat I've ever laid eyes upon and yet I"m in love with it!! ROFL!!

I adore Jayne, funny how sometimes the characters in your favorite shows that you love the most are NOT the leads. Eh, anyway with that said my greneade totting boy, I am knitting myself a "cunning hat!" (need to see the show to get that) I can't believe how fast it's going! I sorta screwed up the first one, so eh... whatever plenty of yarn so I'll just donate that to my Dulan project.

As for the real world, not a whole hell of a lot going on lately. My class will have a guest speaker next tuesday, a REAL comic book writer (has written storylines involving Wolverine and Everything! Which makes me happy... ah Wolverine... ahem, sorry... lol). So that should be really interesting. Went to Barnes and Noble Monday night to hang with the girls, then we wally-world it and ended the night at Denny's. Last night we stayed in at Bryon and Julie's and watched Lost (a rather good episode might i add) the girls (Julie, Sarah and Stine) went on the net looking for Lost clues after that, while Bryon and i watched some thing on laser weapons (actually i knitted, he watched) I enjoyed the EMP part where the host was afraid that his car would blow up when he drove under the EMP and said good bye to his family on the camera first... come on buddy. If it were that dangerous they wouldn't have let you do it. He admited that they told him it was perfectly safe, but he was still nervy... well then don't do it stupid. Have one of the guys that works there demonstrate... der.

All in all this week's been quiet. I"m looking forward to class today, i'm teaching my students about suspense and pacing within their scripts. We'll be watching Kenneth Branaugh's Dead Again, should be fun. God i'm boring today. Promise to add some observations here soon and less rundown of my mundaness lol!

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