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Monday, May 22, 2006/11:27 PM

I know, I know I pinky swore!...

...but i have to say one more think about firefly. I recently learned how to screen a t-shirt (um haven't tried it yet, but that's my goal for later this week... See previous post).

Anyway just wanted to put up the screens i'll be using for my Jayne T-shirts. Enjoy! And yes you should be able to click on it as well if you know how to screen a t-shirt and are an avid browncoat like myself, you're more than welcome to it. I give it to you, she is a gift from moi!

ENJOY (and yes, yes i will now go back to my promise of non-firefly related posts for a while lol)!

bluesuncorrect troublemaker

"Blue Sun" from Ariel Ep. and "Trouble Maker" from Jaynestown Ep.

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