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Friday, May 12, 2006/10:50 AM

Death by Pollen Part Deux

HA HA! Take that sinuses (sp?)! Thank God for last night's rain rising up and washing away that which i call painful. My car is now cleaner as is the air... thank you, thank you, thank YOU!

I'm about 95% done with my "Cunning Hat". So pleased with myself, i've done 2 hats in 2 days! WOW! I donno what i'm going to do for my next trick, but if it's half as cool as this hat is, i'll be happy. Can't decide if my earflaps are the right color though. I KNOW they aren't rust red. But now i'm starting to wonder if they were actually rusty orange and not the mauve i've chosen. Ah well, if i ever run into the correct color i'll just tear them out and redu it. I mean these things are ridiculously quick (about an hour per flap, maybe less if i didn't keep stopping to watch the film i had on lol).

AW CRAP, i just saw this picture... and yup damn thing is the wrong color. It is a rusty orange. Well, i'll have to go searching over mommy's day and pick upthe right one later (going to print this picture out in hope that i get closer) That doesn't mean I'm stopping, GORRAM IT! It's just good practice, that's all. :) At least it's just an ear flap and not the whole hat. Happy to say i'm dead on with the other colors... YAY!!! :)

Anyway i'll have the finished thing on here soon. Also coming soon pics from break of me on the archery range and fun pics from home. I know it's been awhile since i have graced the pages of this site (other than that wretched cinderella-esk hair cut pic). So i shall return. Also to come (as i'm being yelled at by a few of you ROFL) more Ob-Zurd-Vations (sorry it's been boring lately) and general wackiness. SO STAY WITH ME, I'M BACK BABY!!!

See even Adam (above photo) is excited ;)

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