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Friday, May 19, 2006/12:48 PM


Well it's been 3 days since my interview and still no call, although the woman did say a few days. I'm praying that this means that they're conducting interviews all week and that NEXT week they will be calling folks (I pray... PLEASE god). This has not stopped me from staring at my phone incessantly like Dr. Strange and trying to will it to ring.... RING RING... come on! I pay 40 bucks a month for you, you you... CELLPHONE... the least you could do is RING!

But nooooooooooooo. Ah well, I will wait til monday afternoon to call them if I don't hear from them sooner. Yet, as others know I am NOT a patient gal... so i'll be silently tearing my hair out until monday. *groan* ah well. It's just that this job would rock. And it fits my summer schedule soooo well. PLEASE CALL ME... okay everyone reading this, cross your fingers for me, eh?

Speaking of everyone out there in cyber-space. HELLO friends, old, new and those whom I have neglected for I am a moron. Welcome back. Please drop me a comment to say how you're doing or what's up er whatever... it's your comment lol. I really have missed you guys. I got thinking the other night (no not when I was alone and all sad or something, actually I was playing risk with a set of new friends... sorta playing risk... eh, that's another story) that I miss my old bubs and I hardly hear from them, then again whose fault is that?? MINE! Cuz I hardly ever write you guys. Anyway I figured if I sent you a link to my blog perhaps we'd all be a bit better about keeping touch. I can blither away, you can kill an hour reading crap and seeing fun pictures, you can comment or just drop a quick tag on my tagboard and perhaps maybe, maybe i'll do better about staying in contact with everyone (she said laughingly, knowing that she is a lazy putz)

Anyway, hello and welcome. I better make this short today cuz I have to teach in 10 minutes. We're talking about adapting plays/books into screenplays today. Part of the class will be workshop, the rest will be watching Scotland, P.A. If you haven't seen it you should. That is if you enjoy comedy... and macbeth. Very interesting adaptation of Shakespere's Scottish Bloodbath. Hillarious actually.

I promise i'll be putting more stuff up this weekend, perhaps pictures of the hiking trip I'm going to try to con Julie and Co. into going on this weekend (yeah haven't asked her if she wants to hike yet... or looked at the weather lol, but her BF is gone for the weekend and I figured it's probably going to be a gals weekend. Going to try to con D, Stine and Sarah in on this too if they're up for it, again I haven't asked or checked a weather report) BUT if we go, I promise pictures of fun fun fun will be had... or perhaps out-of-shape misery lol. Eh, if you gals don't want to go, that's cool too, just an idea I decided to out there... Maybe Bowling instead?? Or perhaps you guys have some ideas?? Something so we're not doing the same old, same old. Not that Barnes isn't fun lol. Hmm I feel I'm sticking my foot in my mouth now lol. Okay I'd better go to class.

Tell you all about our weekend travels laters gators lol

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